Good & Grounded

Economic and Social Impact of COVID-19 - Christine Benero of Mile High United Way

October 15, 2020

Denver is known for a lot of things, but you may not know that we are home to the country’s first ever United Way. Jim Licko and Laura Love have a candid conversation with Christine Benero, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mile High United Way, about the digital equity gap, systemic racism, the future of charitable giving and how days after we went into stay-at-home orders, her team joined forces with Colorado Governor Polis and the Colorado Health Foundation to form the Colorado COVID Relief Fund – building the plane as they were flying it. “Just when you think you can’t do it, people rise up in ways that you don’t expect and get it done.” $22 million dollars in grants later, she was right. Coloradans just get it done.

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